Cover Options

A simplified view of the cover options.

A full view of the cover options, including terms and exclusions, can be found in the policy document at the bottom of the page

Cover Accident & Illness - Maximum Benefit
Veterinary Fees
- Complementary treatments

- Behavioural problems

- Clinical diets
£3,000, £6,000 or £12,000 (per annum)

25% of the veterinary fees limit


Emergency Boarding kennel and cattery fees and daily minding £1,500 (per period of insurance)
Advertising & reward costs £1,500 (per period of insurance),
including £250 for a reward
Theft or straying £1,500
Holiday cancellation £5,000 (per period of insurance)
Accidental damage to third party property £500 (per period of insurance)
Transport between vets £200 (per period of insurance)
Accidental damage to pet accessories £500 (per period of insurance)
Death due to accident or illness*
*For illness, pets less than age 6 years only
Farewell cover £200
Optional Cover Accident & Illness - Maximum Benefit
Overseas Travel
Your pet can travel as often as you like (maximum trip length 60 days) to Europe (including the Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands) under the Pet Travel Scheme. Your UK cover (excluding Third Party Liability for dogs) is automatically extended and you have the following additional benefits in case things don't quite go to plan.

- Quarantine costs

- Emergency expenses

£2,000 (per period of insurance)

£1,500 (per period of insurance)
Third Party Liability (UK Only) for dog owners £2,000,000 (per event)

How much do I pay towards a claim?

Claim Accident & Illness - Excess
Veterinary fees For each illness or injury arising during each period of insurance
Age on date of treatment Excess
Under 8 years The first £150
8 years or over The first £150 plus 20% of the remaining cost of treatment
Holiday cancellation The first £75 of any claim
Accidental damage to third party property The first £75 of any claim
Accidental damage to pet accessories The first £50 of any claim
Overseas travel emergency expenses The first £50 of any claim
Third party liability (UK Only) for dog owners The first £250 of any property damage claim

What is not covered?

Pets under 8 weeks old at the start of cover
Pre-existing medical conditions
Any illness that starts or shows clinical signs in the first 14 days of your cover
Routine or preventative treatments such as vaccinations, worming & flea treatments
Pregnancy or breeding
Dental treatment that is not related to an illness or injury
Dogs used for racing, guarding, personal protection and search & rescue
Certain breeds of dog

Policies are subject to terms and conditions, so please read the Policy Wording carefully to understand what you are covered for.

Policy Wording Eligibility Criteria